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digitizing land



Nature exists with or without man. Landscape, however, exists only within the context and perspective of man. Throughout history, man has spent time framing nature in artistic and symbolic ways, and used the land as a medium to express ideas. In the 21st century, this concept stands true more than ever.  Using digital methods like photography, ArchGIS, digital modeling and graphic design, these artists have taken the natural land of their site, and digitized them to function within the context of their own artwork.  Interpreting Land works with pieces of the land, and brings them to artistic life by examining the culture, memory, and geographical features of the site. Though presented in this digital manner, the artists know that their specific interpretation will never fully encapsulate or amount to the entire ecosystems and rich history that exists objectively on their site. 


Scroll through each project and feel free to interpret these interpretations however you wish. 

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