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interpreting land

Interpreting Land is a compilation of site specific land art proposals from Kaitlyn Flick, Raven Jayne, Karen Rojas Meza, Elise Rosado, Denzel Stephenson, and Kaeli Waggener. Through varying and overlapping lenses of community, culture, geographic features and climate, this digital exhibition showcases the intricate ways natural land can be interpreted through the non-homogeneous experience of the individual. Diverse geographies are contextually framed and interpreted in ways that are unique to each individual artist. The concept of ‘landscape’ is expressed in Interpreting Land as not purely natural, but socially constructed; experience creating unique visions of the land. 


The introduction of land art into a virtual space creates an awareness of constructed relationships with geography, while exploring the trajectory of exhibition spaces. Digitization of site-specific art provides a framing device for understanding and interpreting geography outside of the physical realms of the gallery and the natural world. The context of land art in a virtual space presents a dichotomy of both expansive opportunity and constrictive minimization of natural realities. The intimacy of physical experience with landscape has been recontextualized and placed into a pixelated, multi-dimensional platform alternative to the traditional gallery context. Interpreting Land’s occupation on a platform removed from the physical experiences that build and construct land allows viewers to form relationships with sites as formulated by the artist.

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