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meet the artists

Kait Flick

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Kaitlyn Flick is a product designer stemming from Phoenix, Arizona. Kait is interested in multi-medium creation; spanning from conceptual idea formation, digital modeling, and graphic design to hand drawing and sculptural artwork. She believes that the world is neither statically digital nor analog, and aims to highlight this juxtaposition in her work. Kait interprets land as perfected form and data outputs. She enjoys combining primitive, earth-inspired materials and processes with new age computational logic, such as Ladybug weather analysis.

Elise Rosado


Elise Rosado is a Puerto Rican multimedia artist, theatrical designer and artisan currently residing in Erie, Colorado. Rosado’s cultural background informs a community driven focus relying on societal interaction, using land art as a tool for creating positive change. 

Raven Jayne


Raven Wind Jayne was born in Nederland, Colorado in 1997. Growing up in Boulder, she was accustomed to spending much of her childhood in the mountains at her grandparents house, or outside in any way she could. This has helped not only inform her understanding of the world but the significance and importance landscape has on the collective lives of humanity. Currently, she is a practicing anthropologist researching primate feeding ecology and often uses her artist background to inform her research and understanding of primate behavior. 

Denzel Stephenson

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Denzel Stephenson grew up in Broomfield Colorado and has spent his days riding bikes, camping, skateboarding, creating and many other things. Denzel’s interpretation of land has been largely influenced by his years spent traveling the world as a bike racer. “Whether I’m riding for hours into the mountains away from the noise of the city or exploring some new trails, it’s at these times I feel most connected to the land because it’s just me in the environment.”

Karen Rojas Meza 

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Karen Rojas Meza was born in Mexico City and later moved to Denver Colorado, where she has lived most of her life. As an undocumented immigrant, Karen is passionate about helping her undocumented community grow in the face of adversity. She interprets land as a way to create opportunities to better her own and other marginalized communities.

Kaeli Waggener


Born in Denver, Colorado, and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Kaeli Waggener grew up at the edge of a nature preserve where she experienced landscape settings as domestic. Watching family members work maintenance at Wildwood metroparks in Toledo, Ohio, has created an understanding of landscape as cultural geographic sites, encouraging the artist to uncover past memories and future relationships with nature. Kaeli Waggener has a focus on non-homogenous understandings of reality, with various identities and experiences shaping interpretation and creation of truth.

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