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Intimacy of Time and Space

Raven Jayne

The unknown history of the site has only been recorded through oral traditions, and this project focuses archiving the presently known memories into text. Each page within the guest book represents a unique understanding of the site and its history. Each individual uniquely forms and articulates what the site means to them. Previous understandings and narratives of the site from people who are no longer there are not recorded within the guest book but secretly inform the continued life and understanding of the space. Through the accumulation of the current narratives, the artist celebrates the rich and the deep history of her home. For the first time a written documentation of the site transforms memories into history. After we die, if moments are not recorded, it is not that they didn’t exist, but just that no one is holding these anymore. These fleeting moments are only remembered to those present, as time passes, that older life of the space is no longer being held by humans but by the unspoken materiality of the space itself.

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