Sun Slit

Kait Flick

Sun Slit uses very straightforward material and form to demonstrate an abstract juxtaposition of sun and shade. Those who interact are offered moments of prospect and refuge; visitors experiencing the penetration of the heat beating down upon them as well as take shelter in the merciful shade. The design of the structure is in direct correlation with the average sun angle in Sedona; by creating slats of terra cotta at an angle perpendicular to the sun, inhabitants can be passively shaded from harmful rays while still enjoying an open-air, ambient-lit sculpture. Sun and shade are consistent precautionary thoughts on the minds of Sedona hikers as they hike in the desert, the moments of shade, rest, and refuge that break up the beating heat of the sun are often taken for granted. Sun Slit intervenes on these experiences, allowing participants time to cool down their minds and bodies in a structure designed to mimic the sun.

Sedona is located 119 miles north of Phoenix, Arizona, and 114 miles south of the Grand Canyon. It sits in the high desert region of the Verde Valley, at the base of Oak Creek Canyon, the limestone cliffs of the Colorado Plateau forming the north side of the city. Sedona’s terrain attracts outdoors-lovers from all over the world to recreate, and is famously known for its monumental red sandstone geology, desert scenery, and its mystical ‘vortex’ zones. Situated in and around the Coconino National Forest, nearly half of the city's nineteen square miles is publicly owned, lending to Sedona's reputation as rural, rugged, and pristine (Coats, 2009).